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How important is it to get listed into reputable Online Directories (aka Citation Sites)?
This is what (Forbes is a global media company, focusing on business, investing, technology, entrepreneurship, leadership, and lifestyle.) had to say about it …

‌ Why Are Citations Good?

Citations are good for business regardless of any effect they have on your online marketing. Anytime someone mentions your business on their website they’re bringing attention to you and providing you with exposure to potential customer or clients. But when it comes to SEO there is an added dimension in that Google and other search engines pay attention to citations, and the more citations you have, all other things being equal, the better your website will rank on those search engines for searches related to what you do and where you are geographically located, which will bring you more web traffic, and more web traffic means more customers.

Citations are especially important for businesses that operate within a limited geographic range, like a certain city, because it is in part by citations that Google can determine that a certain business is active within a certain city and not the one next door. Through the effective use of citations and other SEO tactics a small company can outflank a large company on the search engines because it can prove itself to be more relevant to local search results than a national firm that must focus on a very broad market. ‌

 The MDBA are continually striving to give our members a distinct edge over their competition and our Citation Listing Service will give you exactly that, an edge!

Even if you already are listed in a dozen or so directories your business will advance if you do as many listings as possible. Our citation listing service adds your business to our own tailored list of prime Australian Online Directories. We offer 3 levels of citation listing …

  1. Get listed in 50 Australian Online Directories for $100 plus GST
  2. Get listed in 100 Australian Online Directories for $200 plus GST
  3. Get listed in 150 Australian Online Directories for $300 plus GST

Download this word document by clicking this link,

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Citation Listing Service

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