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The Growth Box

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A business initiative by the Malaga & Districts Business Association (MDBA) and the City of Swan.

The Vision Statement
To be the Nexus for innovative business ventures ghat leverages leading digital and Information and Communications Technology (ICT).

Mission Statement

The Growth Box provides a unique real and virtual space that facilitates the creation, development and nurturing of business activities primarily in the Malaga and City of Swan regions.

The Growth Box is expected to deliver the following outcomes over a five (5) year period:

  • A more relevant and connected MDBA and business community
  • Recognition as a multi-purpose space used to launch new innovation
  • Improved take up of digital and Information and Communications Technology (ICT) across the City of Swan and Perth regions, leading to improved productivity and profitability for local businesses
  • Increase in start-up businesses in the region, particularly where the new enterprises are addressing existing business needs
  • Increase in pathways to regional employment, addressing the labour oversupply in the surrounding suburbs
  • Improved skill development in small to medium businesses, especially related to digital and Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
  • Greater opportunities for entrepreneurial activity, especially for young start-up enterprises, leading to innovation, productivity and economic growth for the region

Our Vision

"To be recognised as a professional, highly respected Business Association representing the business community. We show leadership through providing relevance, benefits and value to our members and the business community ensuring growth and prosperity. We are innovative and display integrity and are trusted amongst governing bodies. The MDBA will be accountable and show a community spirit. Our services and facilities will reflect vibrant opportunities including relevant training/mentoring and assistance for the business community to grow and prosper."

Our Values

Our values describe our core beliefs and guide our behaviour as individuals and as as organisation so that we can achieve our vision and improve the quality of services we offer to members.


All members are equal and have the same privilege to fair representation, access to information, synergies and to partake in networking activities.


There will be no hidden agendas, we all see what everyone sees.

Fostering Business Culture

MDBA is for businesses and we will continue to encourage and foster business excellence.


We will encourage honesty and open leadership.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We will respect the environment, other organisations and the public.

Help One Another

We will help the business community in any way we can 'The MDBA Spirit'.


  • Business Assistance
  • Networking
  • Quality Events
  • Flexibility

Members &

  • Local Government
  • Federal Government
  • Sponsors
  • Business Instatutes
  • MDBA

& Management

  • Balanced score card
  • Marketing Plan Review
  • MDBA Board commitment

The Growth
Box Culture

  • Sharing
  • Collaborating
  • Developing
  • Mentoring


Positive cash flow budget over 5 years that reflects realistic profit

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